Gusberti Marcello, company established in 1904, for over 100 years has been designing, manufacturing and selling with GUSMAR brand industrial valves for different applications (oil, water, steam, sea water, chemical, petrochemical, food, power generation, gas…). Gusberti Marcello. produce also SELLA valves, and their spare parts, as in 80’s bought also all know-how, drawings, patterns and stock of SELLA company. The company is highly regarded on the Italian and international market especially for quality and reliability of products, and flexibility of production.
Gusberti Marcello prides itself on the ability to produce according the individual needs of each individual customer on specific requirements most than on series production valves ANSI and DIN.
Production covers valves size from ½” to 80” in Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Superduplex, Alu-Bronze, Nickel based alloys and others alloyed steel.